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Weyam is pure magic. In the past two years of energy work with her, she's held me in the most tender and vulnerable places, re-oriented me to my most expansive and essential self, drawn out my unique gifts, and helped me untangle various conundrums in love, work, and life. Clarity always comes! We've traveled through many soul realms together, and I trust her with my life. She brings an integrity, groundedness, and brilliance to energy work that is a rare combo. Weyam's Syrian ancestry, Muslim and Sufi spiritual lineages, gender identity, and devotion to social change add dimensionality and depth to what she can see and hold in the cultural dimensions of this work, and how the personal and collective intertwine. If you're drawn to sessioning with Weyam, I encourage you to follow that call. It will likely utterly transform your life.

- Peter Rubin

Weyam is a masterful, attentive, compassionate and skilled healer. Her heart pours out a beautiful light into the world and she intuitively knows how to ground herself in a way that ripples out into the universe and grounds others. She is able to hold space and reflect the client's needs in a deeply mindful way.  She is heart centered and wise, and holds space for distortions to clear and illumination to come through.  She radiates love, wisdom, and unconditional compassion for all beings. Working with Weyam through the years has helped me ground myself, receive clarity and insights, and shed energetic connections that no longer serve my being. She has helped me during crisis moments when I needed energetic support in ways that helped me see myself more clearly and open to the infinite possibilities for emotional freedom in this world. We have also done session work in smaller, more everyday contexts that had profound impacts on the way I move through the world. Weyam is a radiant healer and energy practitioner who exemplifies the meaning of her name--harmony--bringing balance, restoration, and beauty into this world. 

Fern Plant

Weyam's healing work is both simple and powerful, combining her easeful intuition with her palpable spiritual energy. With gentle wisdom Weyam lets me discover what I need to feel and hear in my body to re-gather my strength and sense of purpose. Weyam facilitates my complex reflections with quiet understanding of the ancestral roots of trauma and healing, as well as the histories of oppression and violence that shape us. My experience with Weyam's healing has been a life-changing gift.

- B.G. 

- Julie  Quiroz 

Photo credit: Saba Yahyavi
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