Transformative Coaching

Photo credit: Saba Yahyavi


My coaching is influenced by somatic and energetic healing principles, and I take a resource-based approach. I honor my client’s wisdom and gifts, follow their lead and their intuitive knowing, and challenge them to face their limiting patterns, beliefs, conflicts, and wounds with curiosity, compassion, and humor. 


As someone who comes from a social justice background, I believe deeply in the connection between individual and collective liberation. I approach coaching as a transformative facilitator and a doula (both are roles in which I have also been trained). I trust in the inherent wisdom of all beings and their capacity to uncover their deepest truth and the medicine they need. I support clients to re-engage their innate connection to the knowing and wisdom of the universe which flows through them to dismantle ways oppressive structures have taken root within. Structural and interpersonal harm makes us forget who and what we really are; I believe we are always already whole and vaster than we can even imagine. My role is to help people remember this and learn from their abundant wisdom and connection to the universe's creative energy that they have access to within and around them, always. 
I begin by asking clients to fill out a coaching assessment to get a sense of who they are, their vision, values, and strengths. In sessions, we work through their most present challenges towards their vision & goals using such tools as “parts work”/somatic dialoguing, mindfulness, energetic awareness, elicitive questions, roleplay, the Enneagram, and conflict transformation tools. I offer notes, practice suggestions and reflection prompts in between sessions to support with integration and application. 

I am also a Syntara System certified energy healing practitioner. Syntara System is a healing modality created by master healer Gitanjali Laila D'Costa Hemp after she did 20-plus years of study and practice with healers and masters from various world traditions and earned dozens of certifications in various healing traditions. 

I utilize many of the principles and approaches of Syntara System in my coaching to support clients to unlock more of their own inner knowing and to support them to be in a more direct relationship with life for the benefit of all. 


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