Energy Healing

Photo credit: Saba Yahyavi

Approach to Energy Healing

Everything is Energy. Despite what Eurocentric hegemony may wish us to believe, there is no separation between mind, body, and spirit; no separation between us and the rest of life. We are inextricably woven. Energy is the fabric that unifies it all, inherent, innate, and vast. When we attend to suffering and distortion on an energetic level, we can impact not only our own lives, but our communities and our world. 

We never know how our small activities will affect others through the invisible fabric of our connectedness. 
-Grace Lee Boggs

As someone who comes from a social justice background, I believe deeply in the connection between individual and collective liberation. I approach healing as a transformative facilitator and a doula (both are roles in which I have also been trained). I trust in the inherent wisdom of all beings and their capacity to uncover their deepest truth and the medicine they need. I support clients to re-engage their innate connection to the knowing and wisdom of the universe which flows through them. Structural and interpersonal harm makes us forget who and what we really are, and even so, we are always already whole and vaster than we can even imagine. My role is to help people remember this and learn from their abundant wisdom and connection to source (the Universe's divine creative energy) that they have access to within and around them, always. 

About the Modality - Syntara System

I am a Syntara System certified energy healing practitioner. Syntara System is a healing modality created by master healer Gitanjali Laila D'Costa Hemp after she did 20-plus years of study and practice with healers and masters from various world traditions and earned dozens of certifications in various healing traditions. 

Like many energy healing models, Syntara System brings healing energy to specific areas of the body, but what makes Syntara unique is that it also affects the causative layers of our energetic fields. This means that in addition to bringing healing to the physical body, Syntara System also works on the layers of the mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of our existence. In practical terms this means that the energies behind our behavioral, emotional, and thought patterns can be addressed within this modality including but not limited to resolving trauma, creating appropriate energetic boundaries in relationship, and coming into greater alignment with one’s soul purpose or intent.

 - Niralli D'Costa, Syntara System Teacher 

Syntara System has supported my own capacity to grow dramatically. I feel more aware of a greater depth of experience, more interconnected with all of creation, more growthful in my relationships, more clear about what is aligned with my purpose, and so much more resilient in the face of life’s peaks and valleys.


To read more about this work and its impact on clients, check out my Testimonials page. 

Current Offering


distance session

via phone or video 

What to expect in a session

Sessions are remote, so you will be in your own space and we will connect either via phone or video call. I suggest finding a place that is quiet and comfortable where you have space to sit, move, or lie down if desired.


We begin with a check-in during which you may share any context for what you would like to focus on in our work together and your hope/intention for the outcome. You don't have to have this prepared in advance, and we can work together to help you discern it.


The session may begin with a guided somatic relaxation or mindfulness meditation to bring you into deeper presence with your experience. Since the Syntara System approach is a consent-based, resource-based model, the energy "work" involves taking the lead from your own body's wisdom and the organic intelligence of Source energy (the Universe's divine creative energy within and all around us) as it interfaces with the places in your system that are feeling distorted, constricted, or stagnant.


In every session, we invite Source energy support you to nourish your system towards your intent. A multitude of possibilities unfold from there. These may include dialoguing with aspects of your experience to glean greater insight ("parts work"); ancestral and soul-lineage work; working with sound; gentle movement; or other processes, depending on what arises for you.


I will check in periodically to ask what you are noticing and invite you to share your noticings at any point that feels relevant. You can be as verbal or non-verbal as you would like and as active or passive as you would like in the session.

After a session, clients tend to feel more relaxed, nourished, more in touch with themselves, often leaving with increased clarity and insight about the issues they came in to address and practices to support and nourish themselves. The ripples of this work in one's life can be profound.

*Please note that energy healing is not a replacement for allopathic medical care.