Weyam Healing & Conflict Transformation

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1:1 Coaching

When we attend to suffering and distortion in our minds, bodies, and spirits, we can begin to untangle the impacts of systemic harm and intergenerational trauma and bloom into who we are most deeply. We can become more effective in our work for collective liberation and begin embodying the liberation we wish to create here and now.  

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To get free, we need ways to navigate the hard parts involved in working with others.  Check out the  workbook & workshop series I co-created with Jovida Ross to support groups working towards social change to navigate conflict together.

Workshops, Facilitation,


I facilitate transformative workshops to cultivate creativity, mindfulness and spiritual embodiment for social change activists. I also support groups working towards shared purposes to deepen and expand their visions. And, I offer instruction in trauma-informed Mindfulness meditation