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Workshops & Facilitation


I have facilitated workshops on:

  • 100 Year Visioning for Social Justice Activists

  • Mindfulness, Loving-kindness, and Equanimity for Social Justice Activists

  • Arts-based Intention-Setting, Gifts & Strengths, and Purpose workshops

  • Ancestrally-based rituals for forgiveness, grief, and rites of passage for Arabs & Muslims


Curricula currently in development: ​

  • Decolonizing Race Workshop

  • Turning Towards Each Other through Conflict for Agents of Social Change

  • Sufi Forgiveness Practices Workshop

Mindfulness Meditation

I offer trauma-informed Mindfulness meditation instructions, a secularized practice that comes out of the Theravadan Buddhist lineage. My mentoring teachers are Mushim Patricia Ikeda (East Bay Meditation Center) and Will Kabat Zinn. 

Writings & Audio

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Turning Towards Each Other: A Conflict Workbook

Turning Towards Each Other is a workbook on conflict for people working to change the world together which I co-authored with Jovida Ross. The booklet gathers and adapts tools we have used to help us navigate conflict while moving towards transformative change in groups. We wrote Turning Towards Each Other because we needed these tools ourselves and because we believe deeply in people’s transformative capacity to access our wholeness and create new worlds based in love.

Syrian Sistars Podcast

Syrian Sistars is a podcast I co-host with my gemini sibling. We share visions of the transformed future and how to get there. We interpret dreams, share poetry, and share ancestral spiritual practices and knowledge with the hopes that you will too.

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